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Advancing the NMPA into the future

  • 20 Feb 2012 9:02 PM
    Message # 830815

    I believe we have a team of individuals with the knowledge and determination to advance this organization to the next level.

    I hope to sit with the next generation of technician’s and be able to talk about how it use to be, and have a impact on were the future may advance.

    The advantage of belonging to the organization is being able to talk with members that have spent there life time acquiring a wealth of knowledge that will be lost forever one day. I always said if I knew half of what Carl Rundquist had forgot I would know it all.

    This technician of years pass can teach us things we can't find in books.I can say I have known quite a few propeller technician that have passed away over the last twenty five year's and can only say I will always remember them and feel grateful to be able to pass along what they taught me.

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